• Documentary Films
    Capturing the stories that inspire and intrigue
    Documentary Film-making is about perspectives on reality.
  • Retail Showcase Films
    Tell a story to the world about your business.
    Show the personality, dedication and passion of your team.
  • Fashion & Beauty
    Creative and dynamic films for beauty & fashion.
    Capturing unique visuals and developing engaging content
  • Product Films
    Making an object look amazing is all about lighting and camera techniques.
    Creating unique object video assets makes your product stand out from the crowd.
  • Interviews & Portraiture Films
    When we want to capture someones image, it's best to catch their true essence.
    This is done with good portraiture techniques and making someone feel their natural self.
  • Wedding Films
    Wedding Films view those magic moments in colour movement and feeling
Every Frame

A Great Image
Kwuest Pictures is uniquely positioned to be your video production partner because Kieren Wuest has unique creative vision, extensive business experience and advanced technical competency.

Creative flair:

Kieren has been born and bred with unique creative talent via nature and nurture, a gift from his parents at an early age. His driving goal is to find unique perspectives wherever they exist and to also emulate proven and popular creative techniques. See his creative streak ..

Business experience:

Why pay for something if it’s not going to provide return on investment? Let us engage in projects that are setup for success from the beginning. Kieren understands business value and thinking, he has experience engaging with small businesses and large enterprise corporate structures; around analysis, operations, governance, advise and consulting, for over 10 years.¬†See his resume to check his credentials ..

Technical aptitude:

In today’s digital world, filmmaking is a highly complex and technology based artform. Kieren is an experienced technologist with many years working on the forefront of digital and computer based technologies since childhood. Read more at his¬†Technical Blog ..
These capabilities are critical to ensuring that you achieve the highest quality, deliverable results that can be realised and measured for your business and your story.
Photography Projects